Best Romance Scam Victim Ever


After a wild and intimidating trip to Malaysia where Becky Shawver met a retired CIA agent and learned that she was dangerously close to becoming yet another death statistic all because she made this trip to help a “friend”, she decided to take that CIA agent’s suggestion to write about her experiences.   It took nearly 1 ½ years more until her main scammer told her that she had been a great victim, an angel even, before she finally “woke up” to the reality that he was not her friend, and she was never going to get her retirement funds back like he’d been promising this entire time. This scam crossed international waters bringing the CIA into this harsh reality, along with the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service.  Her story is told through the voice of Heather and the text messages and emails she shared with the various people she came in contact with.

This scam story is like no other. 


Best Romance Scam Victim Ever


Uncover the Dangers of Online Romance Scams with Becky Shawver’s book

Henderson, NV, 2024: Romance scams continue to target unsuspecting individuals seeking companionship online. Becky Shawver’s experience as the “Best Romance Scam Victim Ever” sheds light on the need for increased awareness and vigilance.
Becky’s story serves as a stark reminder of the intricate web scammers weave to deceive their targets. It all begins innocently, with heartfelt conversations and promises of eternal love. Soon, however, the requests for financial assistance start trickling in under the guise of emergencies, health crises, or familial hardships. Scammers often exploit their target’s emotions and create elaborate stories to gain trust and sympathy.


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